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12 yr anniversary homepageIn the immortal words of Joe Strummer,...THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! The month of March marks our 12 year anniversary here on Thayer St. but we are sad to announce that it will be our last. Our last day of slinging slices on Thayer will be April 15, so lets have a party and celebrate! We will keep you posted on what will happen next but mostly wanted to thank all of our supporters out there. Some didn't think we'd make it 12 days, never mind 12 years so here's to everyone who's ever had a slice of the cranberry picnic and told there friends how great is it, to all the mf-BBQ CHICKEN lovers, to the boss Bruce Springsteen who just gets the regular cheese slice,.or to all the sports teams that mowed stacks of pizza after a match or game, late night strollers, and for the black sheep who said," f-that, I'll never eat over there!' you know who you are and we love you for that. Another special thanks to all past and present employees who put there back into the movement. Your contributions mattered and are appreciated. We loved our little pizza shop and Thayer st. community with all our hearts but just can't fight the corporate tide of big business. Monopolic plans to develope the Thayer street business district have been down right OPPRESSIVE! We've been flanked by empty stores, endless construction, and now parking meters with a terminator for an enforcer. Independent businesses are important and need your support. In the mean time, we will continue to get our west side location open. We are shooting for May. THANK YOU,... AND NO, YOU CAN'T CRUSH THE DREAM. The pie will remain the same and resurrect soon.


Update: Big print announcement coming soon!

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